“Carie King deserves my highest recommendation! She is a master in her field. She has the ability to see through things with such clarity that within minutes of your first session your life will begin to change. Her personal work shows in the way she understands. It’s one thing to intellectually “get it,” but it’s another thing to emotionally relate. You will feel her compassion and wisdom throughout the entire process. I truly believe that Carie is one of the very best counselors I have ever encountered. I have met energy workers, therapists and healers from around the world and I definitely feel that Carie is in a league of her own. You’ll know what I mean after one session. You are in good hands!

I would also like to add that Carie not only helped me see old beliefs that were still active in my life but she also helped me and my partner in a wonderful couples session that helped us to see our inner children at battle. Having her as a non-judgmental witness was in itself revealing. In addition she gave advice and mediated wounded aspects of ourselves that brought tremendous awareness around unconscious behavior and unexpressed needs. Carie is highly gifted in working with varying temperaments and navigates the intensity of the wounded inner child in ways that disarm them, so that you as the adult can regain your own power. I extended the highest of recommendations to Carie King, a king, brilliant and compassionate woman who is equipped to help anyone who is ready to heal!”

~ AF, California