Focus on Your “Why” … let the How & When be Revealed in Good Time


… in other words, don’t get hung up on exactly HOW “it” comes into your physical existence … it might come in a different form that you think.


Stay focused on how it FEELS to imagine having that thing, relationship, state of health & well being, etc. … and then watch the dazzling ways in which the Universe delivers the results in your lap!

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Choose Wisely

It’s that simple … choose your thoughts more and more consciously every day.  Refocus on what you WANT and what’s going WELL in your life, and you’ll create more and more of that! Yay! 😀


Our Children are Born with THE Best Guidance System

… let them keep it!

Most of us were raised (by well-meaning adults) to doubt our guidance system / gut / intuition, and we pass that along to the next generation.  STOP IT!

It’s in them, they know!  Teach them to TRUST their intuition … and they will make good decisions.  Oh sure, mistakes will come along … but why would we rob them of the opportunities to learn like we did?

All really is well.  Relax.  Trust.  If you’d like help with this, call or click 505-501-5911

Happy Holidays!

Source Energy is flowing to & through You

… like the electricity that flows through the toaster, we are enlivened by Source energy that flows through us … there really never is any separation from it, we just forget / get distracted by physical life (contrast)

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Holiday Stress!

Do you find this time of year stressful?

Join the club!

But I can help you CHANGE that.  If you’d like to have a more ENJOYABLE holiday with your family, schedule a free consultation call and we’ll figure it out together.