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“You are a magnificent creator; you’re creating your reality, every bit of it, every day. Not by what you say you want or don’t want, but by what you expect life to be like.”

So the key is to change your expectations of what life can really be like. Easier said than done. I’ll help you!

You are a Creator

You are a magnificent creator;
you’re creating your reality,
every bit of it, every day.


Your impatience for immediate physical proof of the vibrational shifts you’ve made slows down your progress.

Help for Change

Some of the things that block your change are unconscious. I can help you uncover and change them.

phone sessions & email support

face-to-face coaching

live-in life coaching

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I’ve always been drawn to the natural world. Even as a little girl, I gravitated toward the sunflower. It follows the sun everyday; such a simple behavior, but I revel in the deeper meaning…

~ ZR

“I expected change to be difficult and a long process, with Carie things I never imagined started happening very quickly. I’ve done therapy before and personally know several therapists, Carie is on another level altogether!! I have never felt judged and I couldn’t feel any safer to express anything to her. My advice…don’t go another day without being as happy as you want to be.”

~ ZRDenver, CO
~ MM

“I have long felt inspired by the Abraham-Hicks material, but found the gap between my lived experience and these inspirational thoughts to be disheartening. Carie provides stepping stones to bridge the gap and help me operate at a higher level.”

~ MMGloucester, MA
~ DS

Carie’s articulate and knows what she’s talking about. She’s very refreshing.

~ DSNew York, NY
~ SJ

In my quest for abundant living mentally, physically and emotionally, I had the great pleasure of working with Carie as a guide for me to greater inner bonding with myself for approximately 1 year. The techniques she taught through word, as well as by example, have been extremely helpful for me to be able to re-enter the work world gracefully.

~ SJSanta Fe, NM
~ AF

Carie King deserves my highest recommendation! She is a master in her field. She has the ability to see through things with such clarity that within minutes of your first session your life will begin to change. Her personal work shows in the way she understands. It’s one thing to intellectually “get it,” but it’s another thing to emotionally relate. READ MORE

~ AFCalifornia
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